Dreamy stuff!

Kristie is pretty much one of my oldest friends around. I mean, um, she’s not the oldest, just one of the friends I’ve had the longest. We go way back – all the way to middle school. Ohhh, the stories I could tell! (Ohhh, the stories she could tell! So let’s not go there, mmmkay?)

Kristie has this high-powered job for some software company. She’s all busy and important and stuff, but she’s never lost her creative side. She’s always dabbling in something artsy. Photography, cooking, painting the walls of our college apartment eggplant purple…ooh wait, I said I wouldn’t go there, didn’t I?

Anyway, she’s now channeling that creative stuff into an etsy store and this absolutely brilliant product. Genius. I wish I’d thought of it! I’m definitely going to get one. If I were v self-important, I’d think she designed this after living with me and seeing the tangled mess that my jewelry would become (but I doubt she could even see the tangled mess of my jewelry, since it was probably hidden under other crap.)

Look at this awesome jewelry organizer. Isn’t it genius?

Jewelry Organizer

She showed me a prototype last time she was in town, and it’s really quite smart. The fabric is loosely woven enough to stick your earrings in. The hooks at the bottom hold your necklaces and rings. The whole thing rolls right up. Love it! And the fabrics are beautiful and fun. Go check out her Etsy shop.

I’m so proud of her and excited to see the jewelry organizer finally hitting Etsy. Yay Kristie!

PS My birthday is January 9. In case anyone was wondering.


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