The rest of the weekend…

So, I posted on Saturday night, and now it’s time to update.

They slept great on Saturday night. I didn’t, because some idiots were playing flag football outside our house at 1:30 am. Grrrr. When the boys woke up Sunday morning, Miles had undressed his bear, with the clear intention of wanting the binky out. But he wasn’t too upset or anything. Whew.

My friend Terry invited us to go see Toy Story 3 with her and her daughters, and since I only had two boys, I decided to take them again. We needed to get out of the house, and this was perfect. They were good again, but I have to say it’s much easier to just have two kids at a time, especially for outings like this.

After the movie, I took the boys home and attempted to put them down for a nap. No go. Eventually, I got them up and we took them to a friend’s house for a Fourth of July BBQ. That was nice. They made friends with a dog named Oliver, which caused much confusion. Hee hee!



They were getting a bit cranky towards the end of the evening, so we took them home, put them to bed, and I went back to our friend’s house so I could watch fireworks. And attempt to photograph them without a tripod. I gave up quickly because it’s more fun just to watch them!


Sunday night, they slept great again, but alas, I did not. Some idiots (probably the same ones from the night before) decided to set off fireworks in the street right outside my bedroom window at 11:30. I was thisclose to calling the cops when they left. GRRRRRRRR…

Monday (we all had the day off), we got up and I took the boys to the gym with me. Then I fed them and we tried a nap. Again, no go. Booooo. So we went to pick up Oliver (“not the dog!”) and came home. It was good to have all three of my boys back again, but BOY were they cranky last night. I took their monthly picture before all hell broke loose, thankfully.

They went to bed, again, without any fuss. Someone woke up crying for a minute or two at 4:30 am, but I didn’t even hear the telltale “mah binkeeeeeeeeee!” so I don’t even know if it was Miles or Linus.

All in all, the great binky weaning was a great success! They hardly asked about them yesterday during the day, and Miles has warmed up to his Evil Binky-Eating Bear a bit. Hopefully they’ll be friends one day.

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7 thoughts on “The rest of the weekend…

  1. Carrie


    I’m so happy for you and those beautiful boys. Looking forward to more binky-less pics!



  2. Jill

    Good job! I’m glad to hear it went so well. Although hopefully you can some naps back! We just from 2 naps to 1 with our 3…I can’t imagine a day with NO naps!


  3. Julie

    I can hear the plea, “mah binkeee” which is “mah paciiiii” for William. He goes nuts if he doesn’t have it in his crib. Maybe after being back to school for the next few days, they will adjust back to nap time without the binkies and maybe you’ll have your nap time back!


  4. The Mommy

    Good job! It’s never as bad as we anticipate, is it?

    That being said, I have decided to wait to get rid of our Little One’s bink until after our upcoming trip. I just dread the idea of being binky-less during take-off and landing. There’ll be enough screaming without having to worry about that!


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