That’s the sound of me being totally relaxed this weekend. So nice!

After we dropped the boys off, I left to drive across the lake to go to Ren’s house. Ren didn’t have her kids this weekend, either. It was all about the relaxation.

We drank cold beer overlooking the lake, we ate frozen yogurt and watched a terrible movie, and then we slept in on Saturday.

Pure heaven. But that’s not all!

We had brunch at a cute little cafe (with the most heavenly cheese grits ever), then met up with some of her friends to have the kind of cocktails that take ten minutes to make.

After I parted ways with Ren, George and I went to the fancy new movie theater (where you can eat dinner while you watch the film) and saw Inception. It was good, but I didn’t think it was that confusing. Maybe that was all of the earlier fancy cocktails. Hmm.

We finished off the evening at the pub (where else?) where I talked to a friend for a while and devised a scheme for the boys’ future big-boy room. Which of course is years away.

Sunday morning involved sleeping in again, and going to the gym, and going grocery shopping. (Even grocery shopping is relaxing when you don’t have to race around the store, throwing things in the cart and forgetting half of what you need.)

Finally, we went to get the boys. They were being so cute and in such good moods, that it perfectly capped a great weekend. Woo!

(Sorry for the lack of pictures. I was too relaxed to pull out my camera.)

5 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh…..

  1. Lisa

    I don’t understand any of the words you are using in this post…relax, beer, movies, sleeping in! This all sounds sooooo good!

    I am not sure where you dropped your boys off but can I drop mine off there next weekend?!


  2. chris

    I really liked “Inception” too and not nearly as confusing as anticipated. I did think Ellen Page was an odd casting choice b/c she looked so young, but, otherwise, it was so clever and original. Plus, Marion Cotillard can do no wrong!


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