Fame and fortune, denied again

Well, today we had the second audition and I wasn’t hugely optimistic when we left. But when I saw an ad on Craigslist and Facebook, posted two hours after I left, looking for “16-24 month boy. Should be outgoing, friendly, trusting of others, enjoy meeting new people, good listener, slender build,” I knew it must not have gone well.

(I wish them all the best finding a kid that age who fits all those criteria. Why do I suspect these casting people do not have children of their own?)

Anyway, it was a fun experience. Maybe next time we’ll have more luck!

Miles gives them “the look”:

7 thoughts on “Fame and fortune, denied again

  1. Chris

    Boo. The movie will never do the book justice anyway. And, i feel like i posted a match.com ad once that read the same way — Should be outgoing, friendly, trusting of others, enjoy meeting new people, good listener, slender build. HA!


  2. amber

    Booo. I’m bummed it didn’t work out for you guys, but I wouldn’t write off tv/movie work completely. You never know when the next opportunity might present itself. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Dodge34

    Yeah, I guess they will have a load of opportunity for this kind of thing, producers love to have 2-3 kids that are identical for tv shows, movies and advertising, you can change the kid in front of the camera and no one will really be able to see the difference, there’s some laws that force them to use twins and triplets, cause they wouldn’t be allowed to have a kid in front of cameras for extended period of time, don’t know exactly how long it is in USA, but in Canada I think they can’t be in front of a camera for more than 2hrs at a time, with twins, they can have 4hrs and with triplets, they can have 6hrs cause they change the kids every 2hrs.


  4. wendy miller

    You know (I know you know) the boys are identical, but at the same time they really each have their own different faces, which almost makes them not *look* identical. I think Oliver looks the most like you. Miles has George’s eyebrow expression down. Linus’s face is subtly fuller. They are such cuties and such different personalities. Despite all the fun you have with their triplet-ness you are recognizing each boy’s individual self-ness, and it shows.


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