How to tell them apart

I got a lot of requests for a post on how we tell the boys apart. Frankly, I find it surprising that you can’t! For the first two years of their lives, I think they looked a LOT alike. So much so that I got them mixed up sometimes. But now…they’re so different! Someone mentioned that they can tell Helen‘s boys apart, but to me, they look WAY more alike than mine do! (And don’t get me started on Sarah‘s cuties…)

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Starting with the firstborn, Linus.

First thing, the chipped front tooth. (No idea how that happened, by the way.) The wider cheeks and the two cowlicks (hard to see now that their hair is longer, but it’s very apparent when it’s shorter.) make him very easy to spot.


With Oliver, it’s more about the facial expressions. The open face, the sometimes worried look, and the thumb in his mouth. He also has a raspier voice than the other two. It’s hard to pin down exactly what makes him different physically.


My little peanut. But that’s not as obvious anymore, I don’t think. But his face is a little narrower, his head just a little smaller. He’s got a higher pitched voice, and there’s that scar right below his left eyebrow. Also, if anyone is scowling at your or looking at you in a judgemental manner, it’s probably Miles. Not that he’s not the sweetest boy ever, but he definitely likes to look you over first. He also has the most mischievous grin.

Uh. Did that help?

7 thoughts on “How to tell them apart

  1. Samantha Cleys

    Pam, the boys are looking so much older! I just wrote a post about my babies losing that “baby” look!


  2. Katie

    I never noticed the chipped tooth. funny you mention about the higher voice, b/c somedays I swear I have girls in my house! lol. love the pics of your handsome boys!


  3. Wendy

    You’ve got to be kidding hhahaha… Maybe you should just slap a letter on their shirts like Laverne. I think the only way I could tell them apart is by spending another week in NOLA with you!


  4. Maria Carlson

    I get that too with our 2 identicals. And I feel the same like you, like “what do you mean? they are different?!?!” Ha!

    Always 3 cute boys of yours there!!! 😀
    -Maria, mom to a 7yo boy and 3yo GGGG


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