62 months – I remembered!

Yesterday, my mom called me at work and said, “did you take their picture today?” My guilty conscience thought she was referring to the fact that I’ve taken about 1/263 the number of photos as I did last year by this time. But no, she meant the monthly picture.

Gasp! I nearly forgot! I can’t believe I almost forgot. It’s the fourth of the month! And it was raining, so no picture at the side of the house, I was going to have to do it inside. Which is dark and not very big and difficult to photograph. But I managed. Whew. I can’t believe I almost forgot!


And that’s what a little bribery with conversation hearts gets ya.

5 thoughts on “62 months – I remembered!

  1. It’s a great picture – and the bunk beds look awesome! Is that a tap light behind Linus? We used those in my closet when I was little bc I couldn’t reach the light switch!


    1. Yep! I needed something battery-operated. But they’re pretty hard to turn on and off. Yeesh. Need to find a better solution.


  2. Wow, how do you tell them apart??! My mother is the same way, she always wants me to take pictures of my twins. It was fun when they were babies, but I often forget when they turn a month older. Love the photo. Please become a fan of preemietwinsandme.blogspot.com and like us on facebook!


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