New album cover all done

So, the boys’ summer hobby was making YouTube videos. They started out pretty well but they’ve kind of devolved into just videos they take of each other playing. Uncle Evan needs to come give them a lesson in cinematography.

Nevertheless, they were not happy with the “symbol” on my YouTube channel (just a picture of them) so they asked me to make a new one. And this is what I made. Don’t get me wrong, my creative input was pretty much nil here. They were the art directors. Looks like a boy band album cover instead of a portrait of serious movie makers, but what can you do?


2 thoughts on “New album cover all done

  1. Gale Wernke

    Without a doubt, this is the cutest picture I have seen of them, EVER!

    BTW, I’m Kim Achman’s mom. I promise, I’m not a creepy lurker.


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