Inside the Monthly Photos

So I just posted the boys’ 83rd monthly picture, and I thought I’d share some insights into the process.

First, I ask the boys if they know what day it is. They look at the calendar, notice it’s the fourth, and then groan. “ANOTHER PICTURE?”

Usually, I take them outside, in front of the side of the house. Makes for nice comparisons over time. Like this:

monthly-compareBut sometimes I’ll take it somewhere else, just for fun. (And the sun beats down on that side of the house in the afternoon, so if I don’t take the picture in the morning or late afternoon, it has to be done somewhere else. Hence last month’s porch photo.)

This time, the boys were off because of Election Day and George took off to hang out with them while I worked, so we took a walk to the pub in the afternoon and I thought that’d be a nice time to get their picture.

We stopped at the library. Nah.


Then we stopped on the sidewalk. Nah.


Another sidewalk. Cute, so at least I know I have something to use.


Goofing around.

Then we get to the pub, and I know George will want me to take it in front of the TARDIS, which is also the entrance. So I do.


Once I feel confident I have a decent photo, I let them have Tootsie Rolls (I know they will dribble chocolate down their fronts, disgusting beasts) and take random photos of them.

83 down, who knows how many more to go?

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