Am so excited…in less than three weeks, I’ll be spending the weekend in the DC area with Kristina and my sister and Emily and my other DC-area friends. Since it’s just me going, I’ll be bringing just one baby with me. And I’m going to pick fairly (in case they’re reading this in 15 years…) and draw a name out of a hat. Either that, or I’ll just take lots of pictures in different outfits, and Photoshop the resulting photos to make it look like I brought all three. (And in that case, of course I’ll edit this entry.)

If you’re disappointed that I’m not bringing all three boys, do this…drink several beers. And then you’ll see three. They’re identical, you won’t know the difference! Or if you’re not a drinker, squint. Or something.

I can’t wait to see my Emily again, and to see Kristina’s new house, and Annie and her son Whitman and their new house. And hopefully meet some of my blog friends too! Egads, it’s exciting!

We had a pretty low-key fourth of July. We didn’t even see a single firework! But we did hang out with some friends for a little while. Mostly I was preparing for the most exciting part of the weekend…Saturday night!

My boss and his family took all three boys overnight so George and I could have some time to ourselves. People, I slept until ELEVEN IN THE MORNING! It was blissful. I took some Tylenol PM to make sure I didn’t hear phantom baby cries in the night.

We also went to dinner with friends and I saw WALL-E. Ack, I loved it! Want to see again.

So that is me right now. If anyone has tips for flying alone with a baby, please feel free to share!

Now, for your enjoyment…

Linus does “the lip”

And now Oliver…

Our aquarium trip from last weekend: Note Miles eating his blue stroller. He looooves blue stroller. It tastes goooood.

Linus, lecturing from the chair I won in a contest on ohdeedoh.com:

But he didn’t like the chair for very long:

And hanging out at Gulf Pizza on the Fourth. Babies, babies, everywhere!

14 thoughts on “Woo!

  1. mrsgingergrl

    They just get cuter and cuter!! I am jealous of your trip… my mom and I are taking the girls to Atlantic City next week. Who brings babies to Atlantic City? LOL. Next time – visit New Jersey and come see us! πŸ™‚


  2. Cindy & Brian

    Pam I am so IN LOVE with your babies!!! I LOVE ‘the lip’!!And I am SO JEALOUS you get to meet Karen and Jess IN PERSON! :)I hope you have a blast! I can’t wait to read about it!


  3. Harris Boys

    oh pam I love the pout!! good luck with flying..I have yet to try flying with babies. let us know how it goes. I’m sure who ever you bring will do great!!


  4. Robert

    Traveling with one- good idea. The name picking seems fair, just remember: no peeking!Wall-E was incredible, glad you enjoyed it as well. Take care cuz…


  5. Anonymous

    If you have a one-handed close and open stroller – BRING IT – it’ll be a god-send in the terminal. And pack a change of shirt for you in case the baby gets sick on the flight so you don’t spend it smelling, like, you know – yuck! If you ever have to have faith in the kindness of strangers, this is the time. From helping with the stroller, or holding open a door. Good luck – you’ll have a blast once you’re there!Love, El and Jennifer


  6. Dr.Jeeeol

    Oh DC is fantastic! I recommend eating at Old Ebbits. Its literally across the street from The White HOuse. Fabulous Strawberry shortcake, Mojito drinks, and great entrees. Oh- and GPS’ don’t work within a mile of The White House so you will have to ask the locals to point you in the right direction. Those were some of the best pics yet that you have posted!


  7. BuckeyeBundle

    Love the pouty lip pics! And good luck flying with baby in tow! We leave for Denver with ALL 3 girls in 2 weeks! YIKES! Of course we are flying with my parents too so there will be others to help hold…but boy do I feel sorry for the folks with seats next to us on the plane! How fun, a trip to DC! You’ll have a great time!


  8. Momma-of-5

    Pam,I have to tell you that I PAUSED “Last Comic Standing” to read your post to Shane (my husband). We were laughing harder reading your blog than LCS. New career for you, maybe?LOVE the lip pictures. But I think I love the fact that you took a picture of it more. I’ve been criticized (love my MIL) for taking pictures of my babies screaming & crying. Once, Zoe got her foot stuck in a toy, she was screaming, I ran downstairs for the camera before I unstuck her foot! Mean mommy…but great memories.


  9. Melissa

    How adorable! I am not brave enough to take the babies, even 1 of them, on a trip. I am so stuck in my routine, I need to get a bit more adventurous.


  10. Mountain Girl

    Travel advice – in lieu of the airline delays, etc. I would highly recommend that you pack plenty of diapers, toys, bottles, and food – paci, if he uses one. Be prepared – in other words! Although it can be a pain, I would buy an extra seat for the carseat – it gives you a break from holding and it’s much safer. I traveled with a 4 month old – gave him a bottle everytime we took off. He did fine. And I packed plenty of toys, food, clothes, etc. Think of it as an adventure – have fun and ignore anyone giving you a dirty look! πŸ™‚ Also, a stroller comes in handy!


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