7 months old!

7 months old!, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Happy seven months to the boys! I can’t believe how fast this year is going. Before you know it, we’ll be planning their first birthday party. At which time they’ll be mobile. Gulp!

I’ll update with their stats after their 7 month pediatrician appointment next week. My boys are getting so big!

14 thoughts on “7 months old!

  1. Harris Boys

    omg pam…I haven’t seen a pic of them all together in awhile…they have gotten HUGE!!! happy 7 months…I can remember exactly how my boys were at that age…so much fun!!! happy 4th…are you alone??


  2. Uli

    You won’t remember me, Pam, both of us ran London years ago. I just want to reveal that I still follow your exciting blog always enjoying seeing the boys growing up. wishing all the best for all the family


  3. monica

    Your boys are just too cute!! I love the way they all have the same smile!! And they are all smiling at the same time in the same picture!! That doesn’t happen very often in my pictures with just two kids.


  4. BuckeyeBundle

    So, So, So, CUTE!!! I always love your MONTH updates and posts! You always seem to capture the boys so well together! How do you do it?!!! 🙂 Happy 7 months boys!


  5. Paulette

    They are the cutest little guys I have ever seen, you have to be the luckiest mom ever, well maybe until they get mobile…gulp is right! You might want to build a huge play pen until they are 10?You are so lucky!


  6. Midwest Mommy

    Oh my gosh, I just found your blog today and your boys are so darling! I rarely see identical triplets!


  7. Tiffany

    So I just found Multiple Baby Pileup through Googlereader and then found you through her. We have id twin girls.

    Your id trips are so handsome. I’ll be keeping up with you from now on.


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