I did it!

It’s the last day of November, and I blogged every.single.day! Woo!

How about a few pictures from our weekend? I took a bunch!

Friday was Thanksgiving, part 2, at my mom’s house. The kids all napped while the adults ate. It was pure, unadulterated heaven!

My sister brought them back Yo Gabba Gabba t-shirts from the show they went to in NYC. Cute!


Saturday, we joined some of my sister’s friends as they tailgated before the LSU game. The boys had fun being boys.





While my niece liked rolling around in the leaves.

And then on Sunday, we went to the mall to do Santa pictures, but we all know how those turned out…

and afterwards, we took them on the carousel. The boys loved it so much, they threw tantrums when it was time to leave. Fun times!

Oh yeah, and today’s my last day for Cans for Comments. Let’s make it a strong ending!

Santa pics, take two

We don’t have take one back yet, but check out the awesome pics we got today. I need to get a copy of the one we have with Emily in it, but just imagine a crying blonde girl right next to Linus (in the second and third pictures) and you get the gist.

Picture one…I had to put Oliver and Miles on my lap, and the only place for Linus was on a stool at Santa’s feet. (No one would get on his lap – believe me, I did NOT want to be in these pictures!) But Linus was having none of it…


Picture two…lady with bangs hides behind chair while holding Linus up. Linus is not happy.

santa2 copy

Picture three…Linus still behind chair, unhappy. I tickle the boys in my lap to get some smiles. At least someone looks happy!


Yes, yes, maybe next year….

Just in the nick of time!

Almost missed today’s post! But not to worry, my unbroken blogging streak for November remains so. Today was rough and I didn’t have much in the way of free time. Last night, Linus wouldn’t go to sleep and then Oliver wouldn’t stay asleep. I ended up bringing Oliver to bed with me, which meant I was woken every fifteen minutes by, “Look, Mommy. Cars.” He’d brought his currently beloved Cars DVD case to bed. He latches on to the strangest things as lovies (I don’t think this is the first time I’ve mentioned a DVD case being one.) Recently, it’s been crayons too. Cute, but not so much at 3:44 in the morning.

Tomorrow I’ll post pictures from our tailgating fun this afternoon. The boys had a ton of fun running around, throwing rocks, and generally being boys. 🙂

They’re famous!

I need to recap Thanksgiving and post these cute pictures of the boys in their outfits from Uncles Chris & Alvaro, but then I have something exciting to share…

We went to not one, but TWO awesome Thanksgiving dinners yesterday. Fortunately, the boys kept me on my toes enough that I gorged myself at neither, because there was a serious amount of food there.


The boys were pretty good, but like I said, they kept us pretty busy.



Generally, they were happy if they could either watch Nemo or push buttons. Here, they can do both!

So that was fun and today we’re going to my mom’s for ANOTHER Thanksgiving, this time with my sister and my Emily and more family.

The exciting news….remember a few months ago? The boys did that photo shoot for that catalog, but I wasn’t sure if they got any pictures they’d deem worthy of their catalog? Well, apparently they did! The boys are officially in the spring/summer edition of the Orient Expressed catalog!

(order: Miles, Oliver, Linus)

Yes, this must be the beginning of fame and fortune for all of us, right?

Wish List Wednesday

This week, it’s all about what I have been wishing for…

A new lens for my camera…

The New Super Mario Bros game for my Wii

The Biggest Loser Wii game

A couple of books:
Extreme Motherhood: The Triplet Diaries

One and the Same: My Life as an Identical Twin and What I’ve Learned About Everyone’s Struggle to Be Singular

The Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card (no more hooking up the camera to upload pics…this is automatic!)

Yeah, fun! A girl can dream, right?

Balloons are fun!

Yes indeed.

The boys got balloons at the birthday party we went to on Sunday. We tied them to their wagon, but haven’t quite remembered to take them off yet. Yesterday, they still had air in them, so when we went outside to get in the van, there was a brief interlude of play:

110609 167

110609 177

But guess what? Even without any air, they’re still fun!
110609 237

Oh yeah, and thanks Uncle Chris and Uncle Alvaro for the awesome outfits for their birthday. We’re doing Santa pictures with their cousin Emily next weekend. It’ll look more realistic than this:


Hey, I’m doing pretty good at this blogging every day thing, aren’t I? Woo!

Today, we are going to talk about Thanksgiving. We’re going to two potlucks on Thursday and to my mom’s on Friday. That’s three Thanksgiving dinners. Mmmm. That’s a lot of turkey. I think I’m going to bring my trusty Pineapple Casserole to the two Thursday dinners (and possibly a small ham too, because Pineapple Casserole needs a ham accompaniment to properly display its glory.)

(In case you have a heart attack reading that recipe, just know that I don’t put THAT much butter or sugar in it, and it’s still amazingly deliciously yummy.)

Hmm. I guess that’s all I have to say about Thanksgiving.


Today we took the boys to take Santa pictures at George’s school. (Thanks, Linds, for helping!) I got the boys the most adorable brown corduroy blazers to wear for the holidays, and today they got their first wearing.

So freaking cute…

The sleeves are a little long, oh well. Still cute. I am thinking I need to try them with button down shirts too. The “ties” in these t-shirts weren’t obvious enough. But that’s okay.

Oliver wouldn’t even wear his. Alas.

We went to a park in our neighborhood for a birthday party, and Miles and Linus rocked their jackets in the swings.

So dapper!


My kids are goons.

I mean, is there anything more fun than putting your plate up to your face? Apparently not. At least there wasn’t food on it anymore…

110609 129

Also, you like seafood? (Oh wait, that joke doesn’t work as well in print. See-food? Linus’s mouth? See? Oh forget it.)

110609 127

110609 133

Not only are plates fun, so are curtains.

110609 140

But you know what’s not fun? Winter jackets. Not fun.

110609 121

In other fun picture news, my cousin Lisa sent me some old pictures she recently had digitized. Heh. I’m guessing these are from 1983ish. Not sure.

Me and my favorite doll ever, Jessica. We wanted Cabbage Patch Kids and were just devastated when we got these homemade dolls that my mom made. But that disappointment lasted all of ten seconds. I loved Jessica, and my sister loved Clothilde. We later got real CPKs and I never really bonded with Harmony Lindy. Sorry, kid.


And here is my sister, my brother, me, and my cousin Lisa. Look, it was the 80s. But you can still laugh at Evan.


And one of my handsome Daddy:



Comment away, everyone! Remember that I’m doing Cans for Comments for the rest of the month. Already, I’m going to have to raid the soup aisle at the grocery store. Great job!

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.

Last night, at about 1:30 am, I was rudely awakened by someone shoving an ice pick in my right ear. How rude, I thought. And then I realized it was just some fluid in my ear. That’s all. Just some innocent liquid causing knife-like pain. Who knew liquid could be so evil?

Sleeping wasn’t an option at that point, so I got up, took some ibuprofin and watched Glee. Such a good show for taking your mind off the pain, don’t you think? After watching the show, I was able to go back to sleep, but man. That sucked.

It still hurts a bit, but we had to bring the boys to the pulmonologist this morning, so I couldn’t go to my own doctor. I’m such a martyr. That was the appointment from hell, I’m telling you. The boys weren’t that bad, considering. But being in a teeny-tiny exam room with three very curious toddlers, a germaphobic husband (mmwah!) and a double stroller was not what I consider “fun”.

Eh. It still hurts. Blah.

And I feel even worse knowing this is how the boys felt every time they had an ear infection last year. And they had a lot. Their only symptom ever was waking in the middle of the night, screaming. 😦 Ugh. Even if they’re constantly wheezing, at least their ear tubes have put an end to the pain of ear infections.


(Sorry about the most boring post ever. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be more inspired.)