The sweetest moment ever

First, I’ve been lately kind of obsessing over the fact that Miles just never really seemed to love me very much. I know that sounds ridiculous, but Oliver’s a total Mama’s boy, and Linus has his moments of that too. Those two are far more snuggly than Miles.

So today, when I go to pick them up at daycare, Miles runs up to me and asks me to pick him up. He NEVER EVER does that. O and L do, but Miles never does.

And it continues. He’s so sweet in the car, and when we get home, he wants to sit in my lap (“yap”), and we read a book together. It goes on all evening. At one point, we’re playing with puzzles, and he keeps taking his binky out and kissing me on the lips. None of them kiss with their lips, they just extend their forehead to you and allow you to kiss them.

And the best part…after I changed his diaper, I said “gimme a hug” and he did, then he said, completely spontaneously, “I love you Mommy!” (Well, “I yuv you Mommy”, but I think I translated correctly.)

Sniff, sniff! That’s the first time ANY of them have said that to me (without me saying it first so they’ll parrot it back to me. Heh. You know.)

I guess what made it so special is that Oliver and Linus show me how much they love me, more than Miles does. So it meant a lot that he actually told me.

Or maybe he was just buttering me up for pancakes for dinner. They are his favorite (and his favorite book is “If You Give a Pig a Pancake.” Hmmm….


10 thoughts on “The sweetest moment ever

  1. Oh Miles, you are so sweet. I think maybe he learn that in school and realize what he had missed to do for his mommy hehe


  2. NO WAY!!! I just about died when I read your comment last night. I think we are meant to be in connection with one another. Isn’t that the best Mother’s Day gift, ever? How I wish I could meet your “brood.” Truly, there are some eerie similarities! (Well, minus the whole triplet vs singleton thing…) and I also feel like my Miles sort of “looks” like your boys with the beautiful hair and deep wide set eyes. PErhaps that is why every time I see yours I just get a pitter patter in my own heart. That, and they are totally, amazingly beautiful!

    I will always remember the 2 Miles’s who told their Mommies that they loved them. (Although, we are still on “love you” on demand. ha ha!)


  3. That is so sweet. One of my babies seems more in sync with me too. I have wondered if it will keep feeling this way. I love this post, he is so cute with his pancake.


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