Weekend recap

What a fun weekend!

On Saturday, I took the boys to see Toy Story 3. We went with my friend Mary Catherine and her daughter Millie (who is the boys’ age) and my friend Stephanie and her son Liam (who is almost six.)

I’d taken the boys to a movie before (Ren and I took the kids to see Princess and the Frog back in January or so) and they did well at that (though they only lasted an hour before they got bored – but they weren’t bad. I knew Toy Story would hold their interest more.) so I was pretty optimistic. And they did great! They stayed in their seats for the most part. About 2/3 of the way through the movie, Linus and Oliver wanted to sit on my lap, and Miles went for a walk with Steph and then he sat on her lap. Millie wanted to talk to the boys and hold their hands and stroke their hair, but they weren’t so sure about that. Hee hee!

The key to my success was popcorn. They loved it. Ate a ton of it. (I know it’s a choking hazard, but they did fine with it.) And some Twizzlers. Hey, whatever works, right?

(I have pictures to illustrate this, but I’m waiting to get them from Mary Catherine. So I’ll just post them later.)

After the movie, we went to the park for a while, then I brought them home for a nap. They napped until pretty late, so we took them to our friend’s pizza place and we ate dinner and they ran around and stayed up WAAAAY past their bedtime. Got home, bathed them, and put them in bed.

Yesterday (Father’s Day) I got them up and let them wake up Daddy. They love doing that. We gave Daddy his present (a personalized key chain) and played for a while before going to Great-grandpa Sam’s 90th birthday party.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Sam!

The boys really enjoyed the little chocolate cupcakes:



Especially Miles:
(It reminded me of his first birthday cake experience.)

All in all, it was a good day. Happy Father’s Day to
George and
my dad and
Linus and Larry
to my stepdad Larry, too!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. Hi Pam! Ok, we saw Toy Story 3 also. First, am I the only one that was completely freaked out by “Big Baby” a.k.a. “Daisy”?! Second, did you not cry at the end when Andy was leaving for college and was in his room with his mom?! Thanks for sharing the boys with us :-} I check on you daily.


    1. Oh yes. The baby was FREEEAKY! And I had tears rolling down my face at a couple of parts. I can’t wait to see it again when I can pay more attention. 🙂


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