Also known as, two and a half years old!

Wow. Just crazy.

This age is so fun. There are a lot of control issues and toy stealing issues and some whining issues, but just hearing the things that they come up with makes up for it all.

Happy half birthday, boys!


6 thoughts on “06/04/10

  1. Is it me or have they stopped carrying DVD cases in the past week or 2? I’ve not seen any in the pics of the last few days 🙂

    Of course they’re cute as ever and soooo smiley 🙂


  2. I totally agree — this age (well, my girls are 6 months younger but still close-ish) is AWESOME! Also extremely trying (OMG, the whining, the BITING, the pushing, the mayhem and naughtiness), but luckily the cuteness and hilarious things they say gets me through all that. Great picture, your guys look like so much FUN!


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