Yee-haw, Cowboy!

The family Halloween picture. George was a monk. Why? Because he let me shave his head in a funny way. And he had a long dark robe from Halloweens past.

The boys were Woody x3, and I rigged up a Jessie costume. Which, with the “chaps” makes for a very unflattering costume. Ha ha! But it was fun. The boys had a great time Trick or Treating, and eating candy afterward.

5 thoughts on “10/31/10

  1. Salina

    So, so cute! Love their costumes (and yours too)! Were they very opinionated about their costumes? Did they all choose the same one or choose it because the other brother chose it? My two tend to change their choices depending on their sibling’s choice…so I wondered if your three do the same.


  2. Laura

    I love your costume! You were a much more convincing Jessie than I was. My costume was also quite unflattering. I had a six year old girl in Walgreens tell me that I wasn’t Jessie because I didn’t braid my hair. So I made that quick correction. Christopher had a blast too. He was Buzz and we tried to make Dexter (our dog) either Woody or Bullseye but he just wasn’t having it.


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