2017 in review

Years that end in 7s have typically been pretty eventful for me. Well, at least two of them have. I spent a good chunk of 1997 in London, which was life-changing for me. And 2007 brought a trio of little clones into our lives. So I expected 2017 to be equally eventful for me personally. I mean, hey, it was also the year I was 42, so expectations were high.

But it didn’t end up being particularly noteworthy, at least not for me. In fact, generally speaking, I’d say it was not a great year overall. But for our family, it was fine. Let’s recap.


My birthday!



I rode in my first Mardi Gras parade! (Also marched in another one)


Took the boys to their first concert

Went to Australia and New Zealand

We battled whooping cough

Miles filmed a scene for Claws (that was subsequently cut)


The boys started playing guitar

We built a brick patio in the yard

Still coughing


The coughing stopped at last!



The boys and I spent a few weeks in Austin

I got to see Miles’s movie at last!

I went to Orlando for work, and finally saw Kiki again!


The boys went to music camp


Trip to Virginia with the boys. Kiki and I saw Coldplay.

Fourth grade started! The boys started riding the bus!

Ellie and Evan came to visit


I went to Whistler again for work


I went to the UK for work.

Got another tattoo


Four year anniversary at Automattic!

Picked a bunch of lemons

Went to Draw-a-thon

I ran five miles without stopping on Thanksgiving!!!


The boys turned 10!

They had their first guitar recital!

My mantle was quite spectacular, thank you very much.


Jenny and Emily and Andrew and Rob came to visit!